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Evin B. Hartsell's words come to life in ABLED IN A DISABLED WORLD. He will have you laughing, crying, reaching your inner-most sensitivities, and compassion. Evin has a very unique and subtle way of making you pay attention to the things you take for granted. Evin was born with a very rare form of muscular dystrophy that would eventually take his life, but while he was living he lived! There was never time for excuses or feeling sorry for himself. He demonstrated the same desires as anyone, and in this book he vividly explains how being trapped in a twisted body is viewed by others, and most importantly how he embraced his existence. 

This is a must read for everyone who wants an unvarnished view of muscular dystrophy from a participants perspective. Evin clearly talks about his care-providers, and what it felt like to be bathed, clothed, and fed on a continually basis. Being confined to a wheelchair did not slow Evin down. He would go on to attend college and earn his bachelor's and master's degree. The Hartsell family is a very close and loving family, and like any American family with a special needs member, it causes significant stressors. Evin challenges the reader to reach deep into your soul and uncover the inner barriers that may be holding you back. Evin very candidly shares his personal insights on family interactions, his thoughts, fears, and daily activities. Come inside and take a glimpse at Evin's life in his ABLED IN A DISABLED WORLD. 


The Hartsell Family

The entire Hartsell family rallies around to support Evin in this book project. Evin finished this manuscript two weeks before being called home. The words are original, and his story is told in a manner he wanted it to be shared. Don't be afraid to tackle your fears, or live life to the fullest. Evin takes you on a journey from his earliest memory, and explains his battle with muscular dystrophy so the novice can understand. His story is an American story, and has the potential of capturing your soul as you begin to see life through his eyes. Take your time and learn what it's like to be born with congenital merosin-deficient muscular dystrophy. You will be glad you did. 

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