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Below are a collection of Videos that show who Evin was, and who he is now as an Inspiration to so many.


There are videos of Evin as a young boy and as a grown Man.

A video his mother made for his Abled in a Disabled World  Book Launch celebration.

A video of his Book Launch Celebration with personal testimonials from many who were inspired by Evin. 

Videos of his Parents sharing their story of Love and Inspiration of Evin in an interview.

A video of Tony Orlando giving a Testimonial about Evin and the amazing impact of his Life Story.

A Video from the annual Family Cafe disability awareness conference with Evins story starting at minute 36:40.

A video of Evin singing while riding in his van.

A videos of his skill in Power Soccer.

A videos of Evins Celebration of Life memorial service with special memories shared by his Family and Friends.

Three videos that show Evin as he lived and was loved by All during his 28 years of amazing Life. 


Watch and listen to Evin and to others who are Inspired by him to;

Be the Change - Say I Will ! 

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