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Evin B Hartsell Foundation, INC

"To Inspire the World to understand and appreciate the true value of people with disabilities, through education, increased awareness, and charitable support."



Scholarship (Foundation will focus on this effort in 2021 & beyond) 

  • The foundation will offer post-secondary scholarship opportunities for persons with physical disabilities who wish to earn degrees in Social Work, Psychology or Counseling. The Evin B. Hartsell Foundation wants to help physically disabled people who want to pay forward Evin’s spirit of helping others.


Education & Awareness (Foundation will focus on this effort in 2021 and beyond)

  • The Foundation has created a post-secondary course curriculum based on helping students understand the challenges faced by people with physical disabilities, as well as societal solutions needed to improve this deficiency. This course will be brought to colleges throughout the United States and will be accompanied by keynote addresses offered by the Foundation related specifically to Evin's key areas of living your best life as Evin lived to do for himself everyday. 


Independence Initiatives (Foundation will focus in this effort in 2022 and beyond)

  • Foundation will accept applications submitted by families with physically disabled members who wish to travel to explore and see the world. Proceeds will be allotted for the fees associated with a nurse/caregiver who will travel with the family.

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